Some data: Cybercrimes only weigh on the UK economy £28.5 billion a year (government data) and in Europe 68% of organisations have not estimated the financial impact of a cyber attack and only 25% of companies have a crisis response plan for cyber events.
In our current economy, businesses depend on technology, so much so that the lack or incorrect choice of the right insurance product to protect the business from a cyber attack can damage the brand, cause reputational damage, lead to sanctions and financial losses with a huge impact on the entire company.
In addition to this, the lack of control over external suppliers and organizations is one of the main sources of vulnerability of the corporate network.
M & Partners Insurance Broker offers a wide range of cyber risk solutions to help you respond effectively to cyber threats to your clients.
After carefully defining cyber risks with the company, our team is able to create an effective risk management program for the protection of cyber attacks and business continuity.