M & Partners Insurance Broker's Sports and Events team helps identify, quantify and manage the risks that characterize the activities and organizations that deal with these areas. In order to carry out a correct analysis and hedging programme, we have the market knowledge and information needed to manage the risks specific to your company.
Through our database, we are able to provide qualitative and quantitative information to implement strategic priorities.
Our team works with you to help you identify areas of risk, anticipate and design appropriate risk management strategies.

Event organisers systematically address challenges in planning and delivering events to ensure that budgets are met, that the event takes place on the right date and in the right timeframe, and that risks are identified, assessed and perimeted.
M & Partners Insurance Broker offers from the analysis to the evaluation of risks related to the organization of all events starting from the analysis of contractual responsibility from which emerge all areas of risk that must be protected.

Sports organisations and teams are exposed to many risks.M & Partners Insurance Broker can help you manage these issues with customized solutions that include companies, sports professionals and those who actively participate in the organizations themselves.