For communication, media and technology companies, risk management is challenging.
Success depends on taking advantage of the opportunities offered by innovation in a rapidly evolving market, while managing risks.
Data breaches and other cyber risks are increasing.
Media liability claims are proliferating with the advent of new formats and distribution channels.
M & Partners Insurance Broker helps you understand and manage risks using industry assessment tools, data, analysis and technology.
A clearer understanding of your risk management program, optimized operating costs and reduced volatility.

Risks inherent in the industry include liability (slander, copyright infringement, etc.), data security and privacy, business interruption and loss caused by damage to equipment or other property.

In the areas of hardware and electronic components, risk issues may arise in several areas, such as, for example, business interruption or loss caused by damage to equipment or other property, and management liability issues.
M & PArtners Insurance Broker helps you prevent and manage these risks.