The information contained on this site is generated from sources that we believe to be reliable and should be considered general information regarding risk management and insurance. As far as legal, tax or accounting information is concerned, it is intended as general observations referring only to the experience of insurance intermediaries and consultants on the risks of our company and cannot and must not be used as legal, tax or accounting consultancy as our company is not authorised to carry out this service.

Our company is registered in Italy with the Chamber of Commerce as M & Partners S.r.l. with the registration number in the Milan Companies Register (REA) no. MI-2520611 and Tax Code and VAT no. 1029280965, and registration with the R.U.I. (Single Register of Insurance and Reinsurance Intermediaries) no. B000599043 held electronically at IVASS and available at .
M & Partners Srl - Milan 20146 Headquarters - Via Romolo Gessi 13
Share capital Euro 120,000.00 - REA no. MI-2520611 - Tax code and VAT no. 1029280965
Member of the R.U.I. since 18 April 2018 in the Broker section - no. B000599043

The contracting party, the insured and/or the beneficiary, without prejudice to the possibility of contacting the competent authority, have the faculty of submitting written complaints pertaining to the intermediary M & Partners S.r.l. with the following methods:
by ordinary mail to the address:
M & Partners S.r.l.
Via Romolo Gessi 13
20146 Milan (MI)
Attention Complaints Office
by e-mail to your inbox:
by certified mail to PEC
the complainant's name, surname and permanent address, and telephone number (if any) identification of the person or persons whose actions are complained of a brief description of the reason for the complaint and the policy number which is the subject of the complaint attach any relevant documentation to describe more fully the circumstances as to the merits of the case.
The Complaints Office will respond to the complaint within 45 days from the date of receipt, in the same way as the complainant sent it.
If the contracting party, the insured person and/or the beneficiary are not satisfied with the outcome of the claim or if the intermediary fails to respond within 45 days, they may contact IVASS, Servizio Vigilanza Intermediari, Via del Quirinale n. 21, 00187 Rome, following the instructions given on the Authority's website and supplementing the information requested above with a copy of the claim submitted to M & Partners S.r.l. and any reply received.
There is also the possibility of contacting the Judicial Authority and the alternative dispute resolution systems, such as, for example, the Mediation Body set up at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of the place of residence or main domicile of the Policyholder or of the subjects who intend to assert the rights deriving from the contract.
In the event of collaboration in the performance of insurance mediation activities pursuant to article 22 of Law Decree 179/2012 (e.g. Broker with another Broker, Broker with Agency), complaints are handled by the intermediary who has a direct relationship with the insurance company, which will communicate the existence of the complaint itself.

A copy of the general conditions governing the services offered by M & Partners is provided to the customer before entering into a contract with M & Partners S.r.l..