M & Partners Insurance Broker with the Risk Assessment service (RIA - Risk Assessment) provides for the performance of the Risk Analysis (RAY - Risk analysis) and the Insurance Due Diligence (IDD - Evaluation of insured risks) on the basis of the insurance contracts in place to verify the suitability of the coverage of company risks. We are not just an intermediary but a consultant able to offer, in addition to more convenient conditions, solutions tailored to the needs of the customer. Customer benefits :
  • Reduction in costs due to savings on insurance premiums.
  • Targeted risk management policy through rational risk management with consequent lower exposure to claims.
  • Recovery of internal resources no longer dedicated to the management of the insurance portfolio.

Our Risk Assessment service provides for the analysis and study of risks, through a Risk Management policy, and insurance contracts to verify the exact coverage of risks.
M & Partners Insurance Broker has an office consisting of Risk & Insurance Analyst for the entire technical part as well as specialists targeted to the various sectors.
The relationship with each customer is entrusted to a professional who supports him in the analysis and management of various risks by assessing the economic impact, making use of the expertise of specialists in the various sectors of each business unit.

At this stage, we collect the information and documentation necessary for processing and identifying the various risks.
Meetings are planned with the company representatives of each department, to map together the possible risks highlighted by the company representative and our Risk Analyst.
The assessment is made on the basis of the dangers that the losses would produce when the harmful event occurred, quantifying both the direct damage with the increase in current expenses and all indirect damages such as the reduction in turnover or the reduction in the assets of the Company.
Our structure will provide the Company with the appropriate tools for an effective preliminary treatment of the identified risks.

The IDD is an activity that consists of the study of insurance contracts signed with the objective of detecting any limitations and shortcomings and proposing actions and regulations aimed at improving the insurance program. At the end of the IDD a programming table is prepared - Time Table - with the phases of intervention by our company including the technical visits, the drafting of documents, the phases and the management of renewal and the timing of all processes to be implemented.

Qualitative Assessment

  • Ongoing guarantees under insurance contracts, deductibles and overdrafts, limits and sub-limits of compensation are analysed.

Economic Evaluation
  • The parameters that make up the total premiums paid in relation to the guarantees given are assessed.

Legal Rating
  • Verification that the guarantees offered correspond to the current legal standards.

Assessment of past damage
  • Analysis of any past and current claims with verification of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the management and settlement of claims with verification of the correct application and limits of deductibles and policy overdrafts.

Economic Qualitative Comparison
  • Verification of the insurance market for economic savings on equal terms and guarantees as well as offering more offers from the domestic and international insurance market with guarantees and premiums consistent with the analysis made.